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Daleville, IN Testimonial

January 2002

Dear Jim,

On Friday, April 5, 2002 in Daleville, Indiana (Northeast of Indianapolis
about 45 minutes), a small community of about 1600, had it's first
Father/Daughter Dance. Our expectations for number turnout were not high,
but still hopeful. We were hoping that our Student Venture organization
would not have to fund the DJ out of its own funds. We opted not to do a
Valentines dance because basketball season in Indiana makes it real tough
to use the gyms and you don't want to compete with basketball games. We
wanted it in the schools because we thought that would be less threatening to the

The Wednesday before the dance, phone calls were made to see how ticket
sales were going. They were pretty mediocre at best, we had sold a
combined total of 16 tickets two days before the dance. Although we were not
requiring advanced ticket purchases and we were pretty sure that there
were enough numbers to pay the DJ. On Friday when I had picked up the tickets
at the business we had doubled our ticket sales! And we still knew many who
were buying tickets at the door.

At 7pm as I arrived at the dance, it was very exciting to see how the
ladies with very little decorating money came up with a very very nice dance
hall. Then the people started coming in and they kept coming in.....I was
dancing with my daughter so I didn't have a clue about how many walked through the
door. My wife finally grabbed me and says there have been at least 70
couples come through the door! We sold tickets $10 per couple or family,
being a poor community we wanted to make sure all could afford to come
through the door if they wished. Anyway, we estimate that at least 160
Fathers and daughters were in attendance!

The desserts worked out very well (we followed your suggestion)! We
served punch, a grocery store donated the Shebert and Sprite. The DJ was great
with the exception of two songs which I would ask not to be played in the
future. He used the fun songs to get everyone out on the floor and loosen
things up and there was still a decent crowd there at 10pm. We had a
photographer who came up with packages from $2.50 to whatever they wanted
to spend. She brought a great background and she was very pleased with the
event results money wise....but also she fell in love with the idea of the
event! We gave out door prizes (donated) which included Father Devotional
Books and various Christian gifts. There were at least a half of a dozen
Christian songs that we mixed in the evening. Finally, we were cleaned up
and out of the gym by 10:30.

Overall the community was very excited about the event! I am sure the
pre-dance excitement was mostly from the daughters and the mothers, but
the men were all smiles as they left that night! Plans were being made
already for next year, some wanted to have a Mother/son Dance and I used your
advice and said "Go for it!". However, I am seriously considering a square dance
and a family dance evening to be spread throughout the year. We will see!

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for supplying the idea and the
guide to get it done! That was the greatest return for the amount of effort I
have ever invested!!! I guess that is what happens when God is behind it!
God is Good!!! All the time!

Tom R.
Daleville, IN

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